Welcome to GQF's Online Catalog. If this is your first time on the site or you wish to know how to place an order, please review the following information:

There are two ways which you can locate products. The first is the search box, this will allow you to search products by id numbers and/or specific keywords. The second option is to use the menu navigation to view categories / product listings. When you locate a desired product, you may click on the product to view detailed information or click on the "add to cart" button to add the product to your order. When you add an item, the product will be added to your total order and you will notice at the top-right corner of your screen that your item count and your sub-total will change.

To view or complete your order click on "checkout"  located on the top right corner of your screen. From this page you can review your order, remove items from your order, or change quantity of items. Once you are ready to complete your order click on the "Continue with Order" button.  Upon completion you will receive confirmation of your order via your e-mail address.

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GQF Manufacturing Co., Inc. guarantees against defect for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Product older than 3 years when sold new is not covered by warranty.  Notify GQF Mfg. Co. of any defective items, giving catalogue number and name of item and what is wrong with item.  Send copy of invoice showing date of purchase.  GQF Mfg. Co. will send replacement, or replacement parts, or notify regarding return.  Shipping charges for express shipping are to be paid by the customer.  GQF’s warranty applies to residents of the USA only. International warranty claims are handled by the authorized GQF dealer that sold the equipment in that area.  Returning of items without written permission will be at owner’s expense.

Whereas GQF Mfg. Co. has no control over usage of equipment and product supplied, it assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from the equipment or product other than replacement of defective parts.  No guarantee on hatchability of eggs.  GQF assumes no responsibility for losses due to shipping damage, late shipment or arrival of product.

Shipping Cost Calculations

The shipping costs on the site are as accurate as possible. If there are changes to the shipping costs you will be notified before the order is completely processed. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Perto Rico will have to be calculated at the time the order is handled in house. This is because of the fluid nature of shipping to these destinations. We are not responsible for shipping calculation errors on the site.


Warning: Do not use heaters, thermostats or their parts near combustible materials. Heaters must be used in a manner so that if a thermostat fails to turn off the power, continuous operation of the heater will not cause a fire or damage surrounding area. Do not expose electrical parts to water.  Installation of electrical parts should be done by a qualified electrician.  Use of replacement parts other than intended by GQF Mfg. Co. is not permitted.  Custom modifications and use of non GQF parts can void the warranty.  GQF is not responsible if product does not comply with local product codes or codes outside of the USA.