0308 - Sure Trap Live Animal Trap - Size 11"x12"x30"

0308 - Sure Trap Live Animal Trap - Size 11"x12"x30"
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For trapping raccoons, woodchucks, porcupines, and opossums. -Sure Trap is designed to catch all kinds of animals no matter how quick or cunning. All our traps are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized wire mesh and reinforced with heavy steel rods to give them extra strength and durability. Our trigger and reset rods are designed within the trap so the animals cannot discharge the trap before entering. After entry, escape is impossible because of the innovative design of our door and locking system . When ready, releasing of the animal is done safely and without difficulty, because our door opens from the outside of the trap, You never have to reach in the trap and risk getting harmed by the animal.